4Pc Car Tire Storage Bag/Tote - Vehicle Wheel Protector

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Do you love the feeling of changing out your winter tires for your summer tires, but hate the thought of having to load up those big awkward plastic tire bags into your vehicle?  Why not carry and store your wheels/tires in style this year, in their very own attractive customized protective covers.  Each wheel cover is also wheel specific, which means knowing where each tire was positioned on your car last year will no longer ever be an issue.  Affordable, stylish, and easy to order.  oh yeah, and FREE SHIPPING!.

Product description:
General cars , van ,Tire diameter is less than 66CM, off-road vehicles,
commercial vehicles 80CM, protect your car spare tire,
suitable for different size 13-19 tires (cars),
free to adjust the size, both sides of the ribbon reinforcement,
the usual handling is very convenient Hand),
with parts screw concealed pocket, the effective protection of spare tire clean

 Small Size: Normally Can fit 13"-16" tire(Sedan Car),  

 Big Size: Normally Can fit 16"-19" tire (SUV),  but it depends on the tire diameter can fit the diameter 66-80cm.


How to choose a size?

For example,If your tire is 195/55R15 85V
A=195  B=55 C=15
Your tire diameter=A*B/500+C*2.54
So you should choose size  S