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Mobile Vehicle Storage Organizer with Cooler Bag

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Anyone who has kids and a vehicle knows how difficult it is to keep both organized in the same place.  That's why you're going to love this mobile vehicle organizer with built-in cooler.  Just pack it, set it, and forget it!  You can even use it as a picnic bag or lunch bag for sporting events, or trips to the beach.  Bring on the Summer!  FREE SHIPPING!

 Product Details:

  • Size:11.8*10.2*5.5inches,Our materials and sizes are specially designed, Great for camping, outdoor adventures and more.
  • A front mesh pocket provides handy storage.
  • The main compartment is made of special insulation material
  • The most important feature of this product is the large storage space. You can store your magazines,CD,Tissue Box, and drinks in it
  • Wonderful design and workmanship, Convenient installation, Wear-proof,long holding time. The tissues dispenser at the bottom of the bag helps keep clean tissues close at hand


Package: 1x Car seat organiser